Now I understand why I really enjoy waking up in the early quiet moments of the morning.
I feel that my thoughts are my own before I have to surrender them to the circumstances of the day. I never realized just how much ‘noise’ really consumes our lives on a daily basis. I can easily switch on my television, turn on my computer, iPod, or tablet and instantly ‘noise’ is there! I can still remember growing up as a boy and how easy it was to use mind and imagination as ‘playmates’ to preoccupy myself whenever I wanted.

I remember the freedom of transporting myself away to faraway lands of adventure with just only my imagination! I could imagine myself on the high seas with Captain Ahab as he pursued his endless quest for Moby Dick. I would become the ‘Amazing’ Spiderman as I fought to keep the city safe from crime. I found this to be fun and such a release to my sense of wonder.

Today I can’t help feeling that a part of me is somehow being compromised and suppressed. My theory is that so much ‘noise’ is going on that it becomes a ‘distraction’ to the brain and prevents the mind’s natural ability to function normally to think clearly. I went recently to one of the local malls here in my city. When I got inside there was so much noise that it was almost deafening. Rock and roll soundtracks where playing loudly as my wife and I walked the corridors going from store to store. There were video screens mounted everywhere displaying the sales and promotions that were available to shoppers. What blew me away was there was a restaurant that featured a ‘kiddie’ rollercoaster right in the center of its location! Also, inside there was also a full arcade that blasted with sounds of video racing games, combat battles and what seem like every imaginable game that required an endless roll of quarters.

When I returned to my car I realized that I wasn’t safe there. The vicious attack of ‘noise’ was waiting for me there too! As I drove home, I was tempted [and I did] put on the radio to keep feeding my mind it’s endless serving of ‘noise’. When I got home and turned on the television hoping to change to something different, I was greeted with some more ‘noise’ but on a different level.

I watched my favorite show but I ended up counting at least 15 commercials that had aired before my show resumed. To add to this torture when I finally attempted to go to bed, my mind was so beaten up by the ‘noise’ of the day that it was very difficult to ‘turn off’ the echoes of ‘noise’ floating around still inside my head!

What scares me is that when I do sit down and turned everything off that produces ‘noise’ and sit there by me, I will fall to sleep! So now I am on a quest to get my mind back. I want to embrace the sounds of ‘silence’ again. I want to enjoy the pleasure of being ‘quiet’ and letting my mind drift and go where ever it wants to go without getting sleepy. The benefits to me are creativity, inspiration, spontaneity, concentration and meditation. Try it now; turn off that thing that is pumping ‘noise’ into your head. Just sit there for 5 minutes and let your mind enjoy the peace and freedom of thought.

by: Sgt. Roy Lewis

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