Taking a moment

The sliding back door to my house still opens smoothly as I unlatch the door to step outside to my backyard. For the most part, I am proud of my yard because I have placed several bird feeders in which I can enjoy the view from my kitchen window each morning as I sip the latest coffee blend. The sun is especially bright this morning with a slight chilling breeze that is blowing through the trees that outline the edge of my yard that opens up to a small wooden area. The smell of life is so clean and refreshing. I can’t help but close my eyes to take in another breath.
This time, I inhale slowly as the let the oxygen slowly engulf my lungs. There is a part of me that is sad by all of this. There was a time in life that people really valued the REAL things that had to offer such as the sun and the air we breathe. Life has become very complicated now. Weeks at least for me can just fly by. It still comes down to the individual when you think about it. One must take the time to stop and embrace these moments of short inflection. Really, I believe that we should take the effort to have more of them. There world is really a beautiful place if you just stop and exhale for the moment.\

Sgt. Roy

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