Time Is Like Money

In case you haven’t noticed time is moving very very fast these days. I sit here at my desk writing this article and already it is Thursday. I just recovered from last weekend just a day ago! We all have heard the old saying “time is flying by”. Last weekend, I lost my father.  He had been sick for a very long time. We will be celebrating his life this weekend. What really saddens me is that he never really took the time to really enjoy the things that were in ‘front’ of him, such as his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

He let the ‘distractions’ of life take up most of his time. It is also true about all of us. I sat in the airport just recently and just watched the people that were around me. I bought myself a coffee and my favorite book to read while I waited to board my plane. I couldn’t help notice that all the people around me were totally engaged in what was happening on their cell phones.

I can remember the times when people were in engaged in conversations with each other or just reading a book. I don’t want to contradict myself, but I have worked in technology for over 20 years and I love the new advances we have made. What worries me is that it has made our lives incredibly complicated and fast.

In the palm of our hands, we have all the news, sports, politics information, games, banking information, weather, Uber apps, dating websites and texts available to us. I can remember dating my wife, and how just the mechanics of preparing for the date was exciting and invigorating.  I’m afraid that we are losing the human ‘connection’ with each other. In just a matter of seconds, I can check my bank account, make dinner reservations and pay all my bills online!

I can go on all day on this subject, but the truth is that some things are absolute. There can never be a replacement for the kindness and concern of someone. There can never be an option for the sincerity of a person’s’ hug or the emotional intensity of a loving smile. That is probably why I like to make people laugh. I love that natural response when I share a funny story or tell a joke.

The opposite is true as well. I have several things that I can’t stand to hear.  I can’t stand to hear my wife or children cry. That sound just crushes me to the bone! I hate the sound of someone being disrespectful to another person. All these things, although unpleasant, make me feel that a part of me is still alive. I love the sound of the ocean. I love the noise of children laughing and playing outside. All these things in a way slow down the pace of life and allow me to ‘step back’ and take in the enjoyment of life that God intended it to be.

I hope by my little observance that you too would be encouraged to slow down and enjoy the time that God has given you to enjoy the people, places, and things that are around you. Remember, time is just like money. Once you spend it, you can’t get it back.

by Sgt. Roy Lewis

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