The Dream

I will simply call this article ‘The Dream’. It was about 5 o’clock a.m. that I was awoken from my sleep by a dream that I had. I normally don’t remember these things because they really don’t measure up to anything. Sometimes my dreams tend to be more on a level of ‘conflict’ than anything else. I would find myself in scenarios of fighting against some ‘evil’ force to overcome and win the situation. This morning was different.
In this dream, I was at a dinner party with some friends. I remember saying goodbye to everyone because I had decided to leave and head home. When I got to the door, the hostess of the party stopped julietta in canada me and asked if I would go speak to this friend of hers who is a very well-known entertainer (I won’t say his name; it’s not important to this story) who was upstairs experiencing a total mental meltdown. In the dream, I could hear the sound of this man crying uncontrollably upstairs. Judging by the sounds of his sobs mixed with his intense gasps of air, you definitely could tell that he was truly upset about something.
Well, I reluctantly consented to go upstairs and talk to this person. When I entered the room where he was I found him on the floor hugging himself and just muttering over and over again words like “I failed, I failed; I can’t do this anymore!” I slowly moved towards him and sat down on the floor right beside him. I just listened to give him some free time to let him talk. He went on to tell me how times he had failed in so many areas of his life. He shared all of his disappointments and how he had felt that he let so many family and friends down in his life.
As he continued to talk, I could tell the intensity of his emotions were subsiding a little and that he was becoming more rational. His personal confessions appeared to be bringing some comfort to him. As I listen, I couldn’t help think to myself ‘why am I here I am sitting next to this person who appears to have the world in his pocket?’ I couldn’t help asking myself, ‘why is he telling me this?’
I could feel that the mood had changed and that he had finally exhausted himself. It was my turn now. I struggled at first deciding what I was going to offer to this man in the form of comfort to his troubled soul. I quickly prayed, ‘God what can you give me?’
Then it came to me. I told the man, “God has given us all talents. This can be in be in the forms of time, talent or treasure but everyone has one. These talents have a wide range and differ in variety. Jesus talked about these ‘talents’ in one of his parables in the Bible. He talked about how these ‘talents’ were issued out to several servants by their master. The master had given them the ‘permission’ and ‘authority’ to use those talents in any they see fit. Their master went on a journey and when he returned, he called for his servants and asked each one to give an ‘accountability’ of what they did with those talents.” I could tell that I had the man’s attention because his eyes were locked on me.
“Each servant was able to give their master a positive report. They were able to return their talents back to the master along with additional ‘dividends’ produced by that talent.” I could see the thought process beginning to ‘activate’ in the man’s eyes as he looked at me. “Sadly, there was one servant who didn’t achieve such results. This servant took his talent and buried it in the ground. “He buried it?” the man said abruptly. “Yes, he buried it.”, I quickly responded.
“What was his reason for doing that?”, the man asked. I looked into the man’s eyes and said, “he told his master that he was afraid.” I stopped and let the life lesson take it’s time to resonate with the man as he sat there thinking to himself. I went on to say, “God has created us all with many talents but for the SAME purpose. Our lives are our ‘talents’ and we are to ‘glorify’ God with our lives. The ‘world’ wants us to glorify ourselves but that doesn’t produce anything meaningful. TRUE ‘dividends’ are gained by how and what we do with this life God has given us. The dividends represent the people that your life will touch, inspire and draw towards God.
He looked at me and said, “this is God’s duplication process, isn’t it?” I couldn’t help smile at him and give him a resounding “yep”. “That is what makes your life worth the living, wouldn’t you agree?” He nodded to affirm that he undestood. “You are good at what you do but do it for the glory of God. When you do it that way it carries MORE purpose”, I told him as both stood to our feet. “If we go by the ‘world’s’ standards it will never be enough. But if we take what God has given us to glorify Him we will never grow tired.” God will use you to change the lives of people who are hurting and feeling the way you felt just an hour ago.
I wish I could elaborate on more of the story but it was then that I woke up and began to write this story. It’s time to get up, get a shower and get dress. I will definitely meditate on this one today.

by Sgt. Roy

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